“System Built” – Commercial Construction

Faster, Better, and Costs Less

Whether its a new location for business, municipal needs, or a multifamily housing project, Commercial Building Systems can deliver the job faster, be built better, and all for less money vs traditional stick-built construction. Our “design-build” “delivery system” minimizes project risk and reduces the construction time required to build your project.

CBS MODULAR’s extensive design/build construction experience enables us to provide our clients with:

  • An integrated approach focused on client needs, maximizing safe and efficient work completion.
  • A flexible process, enabling long-term strategy and short-term goal modification to quickly address changing site conditions without significantly impacting budget or schedule.
  • Defined performance-based standards, enabling CBS MODULAR to deliver consistent, milestone-based results to our clients.
  • Cost savings from our emphasis on innovative technologies. CBS MODULAR has saved our clients time and money through the application of innovative remedial technologies and approaches.
  • Minimal impact near construction site, including adjacent businesses or residents, existing services/utilities, client operations at active facilities, and fragile ecosystems and habitats.